May this blog post dated 23 September 2022 serve as testament to the idea that launching before you’re ready is the recipe for success and the only reasonable way to a brighter future.

Taking consistent action towards the Great Unknown with faith that In time, the way will be revealed.

My Random Thoughts

My name is Darren, and I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for the past 3 years, starting in 2019.

I’m the sole owner of Advertise Pte. Ltd.

My 3 guideline for this new company is as follows:

  1. I will not have more than 10 clients at any one time
    (I might possibly stop at 5)

    My friends have call me gullible and stubborn for making this stand, but I believe that to ensure a creative agency is able to provide high quality of work, and high quality of service, taking on a limited number of clients is the only way to realistically achieve this.

    The idea for this practice is derived from The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns on how he thinks a creative agency should operate.

    In summary: Quality > Quantity
  2. My business will boast a high success rate

    All clients under my care will be profitable, which is why during the owners meet-up, I have to ensure there’s good chemistry between my prospective client,

    and on top of that I personally feel that I have the confidence to deliver to them a positive result before I make an offer to work with them.
  3. Integrity > Money

    We will only work with businesses who are honest and can deliver real value to their customers.

    Scams and shams business shall not be part of my potential list of clients to work with.

    The end product of our business partnership must lead to a net positive impact to society.

As of now am also concurrently the co-owner of Zalfion Media Pte. Ltd., another digital marketing company I’ve started with my partner Simon that focuses only on Gyms.

I’ve decided to start another company as I’d like to try having full responsibility over it, 100% of the success & 100% of the failures. So if things go well, or things don’t go well, I’ll only have myself to praise, or blame.

My website Home Page now as I’m writing this article.

Why I choose to launch this blog even when my website homepage is still “Lorem Ipsum” is because due to the various experiences in life, the best things I’ve experienced comes from taking action even when I feel I’m not ready.

And proceed to put in the work to optimize and improve as time goes on.

Perfectionism is an impossible standard to aim for, nothing is perfect in this world and it’s the imperfections that makes this world interesting.

Perfectionism is overrated, but the pursuit of perfection, that my friends, is an interesting endeavor to undertake.

May my business improve overtime, and so will my brain & brand.

To another great day or living in Pursuit of the Great Perhaps.