I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Your net worth is the average of the 5 person you’re closest to.”

Truth be told, I found it hard to guess this concept as it logically doesn’t make sense to me.

In the past, I kind of thought the concept made sense, but whether my being was able to entirely accept this notion was another story.

Recently though, more specifically, within the past few days, I’m starting to see a difference in the way I navigate my relationships, professional and personal.

I’m more quick to speak my mind if I deem the perspective I’m sharing will be valuable to the people/person I’m sharing it with.

I willingly take more accountability and responsibility for myself and everything around me.

I’m more pro-active when it comes to reaching out to people.

I’m overall in a way better state of mind than 4 days ago before a group of entrepreneurs and I had the luxury of being in the Proximity of Brilliance.

I wholly attribute this positive outcome I’ve been experiencing the past few days to Business Mentor from X-Factor, Melvin Soh.

It’s hard to go into the specifics of what led to this outcome, all I can do is type out what I deem are some of the pre-conditions required for this positive revelation that many at the table experienced, everyone at the table had their own life changing revelation but mine was I fully understood the cliché yet most definitely true concept of

If you want to be confident, just be confident

Darren Seah

All I can remember of what happened that night is we were all drinking at a bar together,
Everyone was communicating honestly, and being openly vulnerable, sharing things about themselves that usually does not happen in social interactions.
And because of that, the conversion went really deep.

Just being in the proximity of brilliance for 7 hours that night could have such a huge impact on my mindset made me think.

“I only spent 1 night with brilliance and it had such a big impact on my psyche, I now truly understand why choosing the people I hangout with is so important to my success.”

Of course, the question you probably have now is, “why would a brilliant person want to hangout with me?”

How I managed to do that is because my business partner and I paid a 5-figure fee to join his business mentorship program, we simply just ended our Live Mastermind that day and Melvin Soh wanted to hangout with all his students for drinks, me being one of them.

But for the regular person who wants to experience something similar,

First think of what you can do that will be of value for this person of brilliance you want to reach out to.

Attempt to get in touch with him with how you think you can help him, and once you send out your offer to him, don’t expect him to reciprocate your good intentions.