I recently joined a marketing mentorship program under the extremely tactical marketer Bryan Ang, and during his 2nd week mentorship call with us, he mentioned that we should all share how we delivered excellent results for our clients.

I have been wanting to write an article of how I delivered 60 webinar attendees per month for my client for every single one of their 8 parts weekly mentorship call with minimal ad spend.

One of my latest clients, a husband and wife financial advisor power couple, James & Mabel, was referred to me by my friend Alvin to help them launch a 3-part (turned into 8-part later) webinar series where they seek to share freely their knowledge as a financial advisor for their combined 25 years of experience (without any expectation of an ROI).

I can’t reveal the figure I charged them for my service, but it was a 5-figure project. Their target audience was struggling financial advisors looking to improve their performance and the topics covered in the webinar included mindset, tactics, and strategies they use to consistently hit Court of the Table (COT) and Top of the Table (TOT) every year.

I first met them when my friend introduced me because he wanted me to partner up with him to do the project with his client.

We first met the husband, James at JustCo Centrepoint where we held our first discovery session to see if our skillsets matched what he wanted to achieve. After a good 3 hours discussion where I asked him questions to find out his goals, motivations and what he wanted to achieve, we realised there is a good fit in terms of our skillsets and what he wanted to achieve. We then ended the session by scheduling a follow up session, this time with his wife Mabel.

The 2nd appointment was once again at JustCo Centrepoint, we had a more in-depth discussion and also the time between the 1st meeting to the 2nd meeting, I drafted a rough skeletal plan of how the journey will be like.

I briefly ran through with Mabel what I went through with James with regards to the plan we discussed on our 1st meeting, and they told us they’ll get back to us tomorrow. True to their word, they gave us the green light to proceed with the plan, wired the money, and we started work.

To kickstart the project, James, Mabel, Alvin, my then business partner and I scheduled a Full Day strategy session from 10am to 7pm. The goal of the session is for us, the marketers, to learn as much as we can about our client and try to find out what’s their marketable angle through in-depth, nothing held back, judgement-free dialogue.

We learnt about their journey as a financial advisor, all the hardships they had to go through as parents, their relationship dynamics as 2 high performing financial advisor husband and wife, the heartfelt story of how Mabel have to juggle being a parent with a child with a serious illness and what James was willing to sacrifice to see them through the hurdles.

After the session, I went back to fully absorb and reread multiple times the notes we took on the client, and tried to think of how to spin their story in a compelling and relatable way to run the ads and draft their landing page copies.

We then drew out dozens of potential headlines we can use and proceeded to use a new marketing testing methodology I learnt from my Marketing Mentor, Huron Low, he calls “Micro-scaling”, which is a method which takes the principles of the Scientific Method and applies it to Marketing that allows for your concepts to be proven before you throw everything into the development of your entire marketing campaign.

The final and best version of the ad copy which was the cumulation of the brilliance of my client’s track record and story, with the hours of painstaking thought process through multiple reviewing of what was discussed can be seen below.

I’m James and I’ve been in the industry for the last 18 years.

Every single difficulty that you’re going through right now, every pain you’ve ever felt whilst pursuing your dream, I’ve been through them during my career at one point in time.

Just like you, there were times in my career that I really really felt like quitting. I’ve persisted through the hardship of this industry.

So I absolutely understand how hard it is for you to succeed.

Thankfully, right now I’ve reached a certain level where almost all of my earlier struggles that I faced are no longer there.

Existing clients buy more policies from me continuously and send referrals my way regularly. ❤️
(because of the great relationships I’ve built with my clients)

And I want to share you how I got to where I am today.


Because when I was struggling in my journey, someone else freely provided me with the required knowledge to help get me to where I am today.

My wife and I will share with you everything we know freely within the 2-Hour Virtual Event, absolutely free, with 0 upsells.
(we have nothing to sell you after the virtual event even if you want to buy from us)

On the 20th of April, my wife, Mabel a TOT within only 6-years in a tied agency,

and I, a COT in an FA platform firm will be running an educational Virtual Event where we’ll be sharing with you our:

✔️ Passionate Prospecting Pitch, how to introduce yourself to new prospects so they immediately view you as not just another sales agent, but someone who they feel they can trust.

✔️ Time-tested 1st, 2nd and 3rd appointment scripts to maximise your ability to build AUTHENTIC, not fake, rapport with your clients.

✔️ And ONE question you can ask yourself to help you identify your TRUE Project 100
(not the project 100 that everyone else in your industry is doing)

Do note that what we will be sharing are very powerful tools that we teach only to our own team members to make them achieve MDRT year after year.

If you’re an agent that’s only looking for the fastest way to line your pockets as fast as possible at the expense of your clients, then this is not for you.

Please continue scrolling.

We only want to invite people with good values, ethics, and agents who genuinely care about their client’s wellbeing to learn from us.

So if you’re one of those people who we’re looking for,

Click the “Learn More” button now to lock in your seat for this Virtual Event.

– Written by Darren Seah of Advertise Pte. Ltd.

We’ve tested multiple variations of different ad copies, but this version ended performed the best.

3 days before the webinar itself, we also had a dry run session with James & Mabel to review their webinar materials. James & Mabel being as busy as they are with their hectic schedule of course did a pretty average job for the slides, I remember after the dry run, my brutal words to them was “I rate your webinar 3/10”. I remember my colleagues who were in on the webinar were shook haha. But if my clients pay me, I feel it’s my responsibility to be honest to them.

All turned out well though, after the dry run session, James & Mabel really put in a lot more effort into the redesigning of the slides and my client had a whopping 70% of the webinar attendees stayed from the start to the end of their 2 hours webinar session.

The 1st webinar is where we used the largest portion of our budget, about $1,500.

From our end, to ensure the 1st webinar had a high show up rate, the moment the lead opted in, we crafted a 3 days email sequence where each email’s goal was to drip some value for the client (some advice from James & Mabel that will be useful for any struggling agents).

On top of that we also had WhatsApp automated reminders which will remind our webinar registrants 2 days, 24 hours and 30 minutes before the webinar goes live.

The advertising efforts ended up generating 115 leads at $12.92 cost per lead, and 62 (53% of leads) of the webinar registrants showed up for the webinar.

Overall the 1st webinar was a great success to our client and they treated us Hai Di Lao after the webinar was done. 😊

The subsequent 7 webinar sessions, we spent about $500 per week to maintain the attendees numbers and all 7 webinars had around 60 attendees each.

The whole campaign ended up having around 3.5k in ad spend with 269 leads generated, and 143 active members in the telegram group we ask the advisors to join at the end of each webinar session.

Most of the leads are licensed financial advisors as that was our target audience through our targeting and ads messaging.
(whether the agents are struggling or not I don’t know, but it seemed some COTs and TOTs found their way into our webinars too as some of them are friends with James & Mabel)

And after our 8th webinar session came to a conclusion, our client once again treated us to Hai Di Lao for Alvin’s birthday. 😊