Last post 8th October 2022, today 25th October 2022, that’s a 17 days gap.

I knew I said I’ll post an article per day but an overseas trip + 2 weeks of fever (hovering between 37.5° to 38.7°) kind of got in the way.

I’m starting again because today is my first morning after coming back from Thailand without a fever, yay!

In Thailand, because of my travel partner’s connections, I’ve got to come into contact with a lot of rich people.

They were all really nice and there wasn’t anything really special about them apart from them being really nice people.

Hanging out with them did incite a feeling in me though. Seeing the way they could afford and enjoy the lives they want and positively impact the lives of the people around them.

One guy opened a couch table at SpacePlus, a club in Thailand, which cost ~S$2000 and invited everyone to come party together for free, a decision made at a snap of a finger.

It inspired me to work really hard to go make that kind of F.U. money so I can return the favour to these wonderful people if I ever meet them again in the future.

Now that I no longer have a fever, it’s once again time to work, work, work.