Every company who creates their supplements always thinks that they are the best in their category (similar to how all business owners always think they’re the best business in the industry).

But their belief might not be grounded in reality, it is good to start with this belief, but lack of a correct/accurate perspective is bad for a business in the long run.

1 solution I can think of to prevent this problem of tunnel vision is to ask the question another marketer shared with me which is to ask the business owner, “How do you know?”

Everyone who does their marketing always think their marketing is special and the best (I myself sometimes fall into that trap).

But that’s the wrong angle to approach it because if you have a product that can indeed help someone, all they want to know is how they can help them, instead of shouting at the top of your lungs how unique and revolutionary your product is without explicitly stating how you can solve their problems.

The examples he gives covers more of what the companies think the customers want to know, not what they actually want to know (a by-product effect of tunnel visioning without proper market research or perhaps a simple lack of empathy for their customers)

For the bad examples those that actually try to cater their headline from a “here’s how we can help you” angle, even them go with very generic and broad but not really problem specific phrasing.

Usually what you (the supplement business owner) think is unique, is actually extremely generic, and actually nothing special.

“Hey if you’re interested in supplements, here’s how you might use it” – craft the headline using this angle

Focus on these 3 things

  • Speak a language the customers understands
  • what’s in it for her
  • Why is she interested

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